Auntie Em's Story

Margaret Lee, or Margie to her friends, grew up on her Grandfather's ranch surrounded by horses and ponies. Her love affair with horses began when she rode her first pony, Bumble Bee, when she was 5 years old. She hasn't stopped riding or working around horses since. Margie's riding career as an amateur rider has crossed several disciplines. She has successfully competed in Three-Day Eventing and Jumpers and is currently showing her two horses, Kitten and Phil at FEI levels of Dressage.

Margie's interest in shoeing started in the early 1980's when her horse developed soundness issues. Not convinced the path they were on was the correct one, she and her farrier decided to invite a specialist in shoeing to try and resolve the issues by addressing the horse's feet. The specialist happened to be a woman. It was at this moment that Margie embarked upon becoming a farrier. Margie first apprenticed with Margo Jolly in Southern California and then with Dick Threfall in the Bay Area.

In the 1980's there was only one non-toxic fly spray and it was only available in Southern California. After several years dealing with the available fly sprays, Margie's skin and lungs began to get irritated from all of the toxicants. She also noticed that the fly sprays didn't really do the job. Shortly after spraying the horses, the flies were back.

While talking with a friend, Robert Tucker, one day about this problem he suggested that she make her own. Robert was a fireman and very educated about chemical properties. He helped Margie understand what she would need for a base, the properties the base would need to have to make the water "wetter" and which would cause water and essential oils to bond. From here Margie began her quest for a non-toxic fly spray.

In no time, Margie developed the right solution. Her solution turned out to be a deodorant – not a fly killer. The spray not only kept the horses free of flies for hours, it has a pleasant odor and Margie's skin and sinus issues cleared up. It wasn't long before her clients began asking about the spray and asking if they could purchase it from her. This is how Auntie Em's High Performance Horse Spray was created.